Monday, August 25, 2008




When it comes to events, this is probably the biggest in the world this year. Forget the Olympics, it's all about the DNCC--The Democratic National Convention.

And Denver could not be more hospitable. Everyone is helpful and excited and friendly.
What started off a bit quietly on Sunday has risen to a full crescendo. Sunday afternoon kicked off with a me stopping at an event at the Denver Press Club where actor GianCarlo Esposito (left) was promoting his new film, Gospel Hill. Perfect timing with all the Black press in town. Wait - what "all"? Even though there may be a multiracial candidate, one is hard pressed to find a lot of multiracial representation here no matter what the form: media, delegate or otherwise.

However, not letting that put a damper on things.In fact, spirits were lifted ASAP at an event that Congresswoman Maxine Waters held at the famed Buell Theater. She along with Tavis Smiley, actor Danny Glover and others hosted an evening which honored and examined "The Success of the Civil Rights Movement." It explored the history and future of the impact of these organizations on politics. It was a completely moving evening and one much welcomed. However, I cannot help but look at events such as these and think how constituents and consumers could be so easily reached with at least some kind of engaging on-line and mobile phone version of something so very important. This omission, may, even though these pioneers are the reason I can even blog about this today, point to the fact that "re-branding'"is even needed in the approach to Civil Rights overall and dare I say Equity Rights!!

Who wouldn't want to have captured the Rev. Al Sharpton's comments from the evening during his acceptance speech of his award, though. Sum it up to say that he quoted a smug person who said to him that their stellar resume was not created by Civil Rights. To this he replied, "Maybe, but it's the Civil Rights Movement that makes somebody READ your resume." To which the house came down. Yeah, after that, I had to get a photo with him as we chatted a bit outside.

Late night to an early day which then began with only four hours of sleep and weaving through the LONG labyrinth of security checks and credentials checks to the very large and modern Pepsi Center for interviews (both of myself and conducted by myself) for radio station KPOO in San Francisco.
Spoke to the head of NABJ regarding policy particularly for more media ownership of color ,which lead to a dynamic and passionate discussion. Stay tuned for interviews with Louis Gossett Jr, Jamal Simmons from CNN and more.
Working a ton in the media centers (in between chair massages and smoothies). While out and about met the VP of the Republic the Congo who was here for the festivities. Interesting! Nice international presence.
Energy HIGH as all the talk is about Michelle Obama's speech. Heading onto the actual floor now! More later....

(oh, but why did I notice the crawl late last night on the Denver Post building that Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen are performing at O's acceptance speech. Where is the diversity in that??--Lauren Coleman