Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Live From Denver #4



Ah, it's not easy doing deals, meeting with government officials regarding my upcoming Entertainment & Innovation Forum and assisting KPOO and documenting loads in this blog but I am holding it down!

Just got out of what was clearly the "historical" event of the day. Don't think the Denver Sheraton could have had more Secret Service officers to protect what would be the highlight of the afternoon, The Emily's List Gala from the organization that has helps empower female democrats. And on no more fitting day than that which celebrates the 88th year of the law giving women the "right" to vote. Truly some major energy shift is taking place right before our very eyes. From a time where there were only four female delegates to 2008 boasting the fact that the majority of delegates are now women!

This was the hot ticket, one which celebrated the "power of women to create a more progressive America." Packed cannot begin to describe the lower level of this hotel's entrance to the ballroom. Energy is high, newfound friends are made and the conversations are nothing but energy. Dashing from side to side are aides, assistants, producers and more. Mini-cheesecakes being served somehow manage to take the edge off a bit, though. Then, finally, time to start the event!
Such distinguished speakers including of course, Ellen Malcolm - the energy force behind the organization, governors, congresswomen.

Highlights included not only Nancy Pelosi up close and personal, Hillary Clinton and "special guest" Michelle Obama. Talk about a power-packed room, and I am so excited to be just a handful of those able to witness this live and in person.

Denver is truly the hot spot and I am mixing politics, business and pleasure like few out here.
Gotta dash. Things to do before the next night on the "floor." People buzzing about Hillary's upcoming speech.....


I, Lauren Coleman (co-publisher of The A-List) posin' in Denver with actor GianCarlo Esposito (above) and activist the Rev. Al Sharpton (left).