Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Live From Denver #5



All keeps moving like a fabulous, power-party train headed to the destination of the Obama platform.

When I last left you, I was headed to the convention floor after a few conference calls in the lounge at the Denver Sheraton fresh from the Pelosi-Clinton-Obama (Michelle) extravaganza just finishing up moments in the ballroom on the floor below.

From there, flagged down a convention shuttle after flashing my credential to make it to the convention as the sun started to set on Denver and the crowds of delegates and VIPs and government officials filed in to that evenings speeches.

And while many inspirational words were heard, the only person most were waiting to hear were those of Senator Hillary Clinton herself. I felt rather privileged that I would hear her live not once but twice in the same day--and that being on the anniversary of the women's right to vote--not many people could say that.

If I thought the Pepsi Center was packed before, it was full to the rafters in anticipation of her speech. From our skybox we could even hear security officials yelling for people to move from the stairs in the center.

By now you have all seen her speech and probably provided your own critique and read that of at least three or four others. So suffice it to say, that one cannot deny it was powerful and I don't think she could have selected a better word-picture than that of Harriet Tubman. The subtlety was not lost on this writer at all!

Still riding high off the energy, all filed out after the Clinton speech and headed into the sea of shuttle buses for the night's events.

The Black Newspaper Association had a low-key affair at the Ritz Carlton where I had the opportunity to chat with issues pertaining to youth culture and new media with Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa. Gracious and open, these two are no joke. You can peep my photos too. Actress Angela Bassett along with Bernard Parks and others made it to the reception.

Beyond tired, headed from there to Vinyl, a club in Denver that was host to the second night affairs of Party with a Purpose. Celebs such as Blair Underwood were definitely in the house to check out Slick Rick, Whodini and more.

Barely fell into bed at the rented condo in Cherry Creek before it seemed it was morning already and time to get back on the air for interviews.

Who knows what time all these police and S.W.A.T and Secret Service guys get up though. And they are EVERYWHERE--On horse, motorcycle, golf carts. Surely, this must be the safest place on the planet--and the Big O hasn't even shown up yet.

The cool thing is, they are always quite friendly with their "good mornings" and it provides a great way to start the day.

Zooming past yet more security, I barely make it to the KPOO area for interviews which include speaking to the Vice-Chair of the DNC regarding strategy for diversity (or lack of it), San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris and helping her with the proper url for her new Facebook incarnation to running into Jamal Simmons, frequent CNN commentator in the hallway and talking mobile-meets-politics.

Rushing to yet another event at the Ritz-Carlton, where coincidentally, Kamala will speak, then some meetings regarding new media with government officials.

Time will fly before all the heavy hitters lined up for tonight so let me get moving.

There are people to see and much opinions to be exchanged on the issues and figures.

I need a coffee!!